Protection Systems

Protection Systems

Owners and operators are legally required to ensure that their assets are suitable, efficient, and responsibly maintained - here Quartzelec can help

Protection Systems

In response to the UK’s Electricity At Work Regulations (1989), Electrical System owners and operators are legally required to ensure that their assets are suitable, efficient, and responsibly maintained so as to prevent dangerous situations arising during fault conditions or under normal operation.

It is therefore important to understand the responsibilities and risks both at the outset, i.e. the design stage, as well as during the lifecycle of your network as it changes and develops according to site conditions, age, and your specific requirements.

Quartzelec can assist clients by confirming their compliance through three coordinated investigations; adding value by evaluating the reliability, stability, and speed of critical fault detection devices; and providing recommendations focusing on the safety of plant operators and the integrity of your critical electrical assets.

Fault Level Analysis

Quartzelec can enable customers to be confident that their system is fully rated to endure fault conditions caused by excess current and voltage.

Though surveying your electrical system’s major HV & LV components together with their configurations and obtaining supply network fault levels; Quartzelec uses specialist software and tested engineering knowledge to realistically model Fault Conditions throughout your network. Confirming if system components and cables are suitably rated to perform during your unique fault conditions.


Protection & Grading Analysis

Quartzelec work alongside our customers to help them understand the role of protective devices within their electrical system, and how to utilize them fully.

Through site surveys and discussions with asset owners regarding the nature of their plant and how it’s used, our Engineers work with up-to-date software and know-how to confirm the suitability of existing site settings and make recommendations to improve upon its sensitivity, speed and, selectivity. The goal is to ensure that the customer experiences the smallest impact on their day-to-day and critical processes.


Arc Flash Analysis

Building on the findings of our Fault Level and Protection & Grading Analyses, Arc Flash Analysis ultimately informing clients of the residual risk to plant operators from Electrical Flashover at both LV and HV voltage levels.

Through Arc Flash Analysis, Quartzelec can provide suggestions as to the effective danger zones around energized switchgear whereby plant operators and potential bystanders are at risk of significant injury. Quartzelec will then offer their view on enhanced PPE requirements and improvements to currently implemented Safe Systems of Work.


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