Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Everything we do is driven by INTEGRITY. It defines us as a business, a partner and a team.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Everything we do is driven by INTEGRITY. It defines us as a business, a partner, and a team.

In this spirit, we build on the determination, ingenuity and hard work of those that came before us and those around us, developing stronger relationships and more integrated solutions. Through this, we forge leadership in engineering services.


To be the international independent partner of choice within the field of engineering services.

Listening to our client’s needs, understanding the requirements, delivering the solution - we strive to exceed our customer expectations, deliver against our values and support sustainable growth.

To maintain integrity and transparency in our relationships with our employees and stakeholders, be an employer of choice and promote pride in our work and safety for our people.


Quartzelec Values

INTEGRITY: Defining how we do business, treat our customers, our partners and our employees

The cornerstone of our organisation, defining how we do business and how we treat our customers, partners and employees. Respecting our neighbours, the wider community and the environment.

EMPOWERMENT: Encouraging our workforce to take ownership in the pursuit of success

As the backbone of our organisation, we encourage our employees to take ownership and to make and act upon their decisions in support of achieving technical, commercial and personal success.

RELATIONSHIPS: Developing long-term, beneficial relationships with our customers, employees and other stakeholders

Great relationships both internal and external are fundamental to the success of our organisation. We look to foster partnerships with our customers, work collaboratively with our stakeholders and nurture engagement with our employees; working hard to develop long-lasting alliances – beneficial to all.

TRANSPARENCY: Sustaining a transparent approach as a partner of choice

Our independence, minimised bureaucracy, honesty and clarity in all aspects of our business, ensures transparency in all areas of our operation, focusing on becoming a partner of choice.

PROGRESSIVE: Establishing our ambition for agility and success

We constantly seek sustainable growth, to share best practice and continuous improvement in our revenues and customer relationships, personal progress in our people and advancement in technology and processes as we look to understand the market place, making us an agile partner... to position ourselves for the future.

PRIDE: To be confident in what we can do and proud in what we have done

Across the group, we collectively and individually take pride in our contribution, expertise, achievements and heritage, instilling this ethos in our next generation.

RESPONSIBLE: Protecting the wellbeing of our employees, partners and environment is paramount

Being a responsible employer necessitates a commitment to the safeguarding of our people and the environment in which we operate. We continually improve our processes and procedures; recognise and react to areas of concern and, without compromise, ensure the safety of our employees and those around us.

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