Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

By combining our years of experience with cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, we provide detailed insights into the performance limitations and failure modes of your rotating electrical assets

Root Cause Analysis

Identifying underlying issues affecting machine performance and reliability requires specialised knowledge and expertise. Our meticulous and systematic approach to root cause analysis offers comprehensive diagnostic solutions to identify and address underlying issues affecting machine performance and reliability.

Exceling in diagnosing complex issues associated with operational rotating plant, our engineering team employ Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to augment our root cause analysis capabilities and ensure accurate and efficient assessments reviewing thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical factors.

We create detailed models of your rotating machines, be it motor or generator, accurately representing their geometries and material properties. Through FEA simulations, we evaluate the structural integrity, performance characteristics, and potential failure points within your equipment including the associated control systems.

We provide a tailored approach to each investigation and inform the RCA with Structural/vibration, Electromagnetic, thermal & fatigue calculation in addition to electrical testing, NDT, strip-down with forensic examination and power system recording analysis as appropriate. We analyse the data to determine the underlying causes of the issues affecting your rotating electrical machines. Our experts will combine their technical knowledge and experience to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations.

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